ASCII Poster Maker

ASCII Poster converts any image into a giant PDF poster suitable for mounting on your wall. Each poster is made completely from ordinary letters and numbers.

When viewed from a distance the characters on your poster give the illusion of giant image. You can make your own poster in three easy steps.

Start with this

ASCII Poster makes lots of these

You stick them all on a wall. Making a giant poster

Poster is approximately 5 feet wide by 2 feet tall

That's it, in 3 easy steps you have a unique and very cheap poster. Now go and create a poster.

About the Poster Maker

This online Poster Maker allows you to easily create your own poster from any image. Make posters from photos of your family and friends or make your own Movie Posters and Fine Art Posters. Your poster can be anywhere from a single page to a giant 40 page poster. Posters are suitable for mounting or framing. Alternately the poster can be stuck directly to your wall!
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